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Відкритий урок у 6 Б класі "Shops and Shopping" вчителя Прокоф’євої Р.С.

Навчальна презентація до уроку

Тема:  Shopping is not an easy thing.

Цілі : - повторити та закріпити лексичні одиниці з теми “Shops  and            shopping” та граматичний матеріал (much, many) у  граматичних структурах;

  •  розвивати діалогічне і монологічне мовлення; слухову пам’ять, увагу, логічне мислення учнів, здатність до здогадки, вміння працювати в парах та групах;
  • стимулювати комунікативну й пізнавальну діяльність учнів,
  • стимулювати в них бажання спілкуватися англійською мовою;
  •  виховувати поважне ставлення до вчителя та один до одного.

Обладнання: підручник, картки для групової та парної роботи, картки з малюнками, матеріали для рольової гри, аудіо записи, комп’ютер, екран.

Хід уроку

Початок уроку. Привітання.

І. Introduction.  Warm-up.

1. Let’s start our lesson. Today’s lesson will be devoted to the shops and shopping. We are going:

- to revise the words (on the topic);

- to do some grammar exercise (much / many );

- to listen to the text;

- to read the text about a shopping trip to the biggest shops in London;

- to do tests (on grammar)

- to role play the dialogues;

- to have a situation (choosing a present)

2. Phonetic drill Chant. p.149 In what word do we hear [o:] [o] ?

[Л.В. Калініна, І.В. Самойлюкевич Англійська мова для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови Підручник для 6 класу загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів .]

  • I’m going to the department store
  • What for?
  • I’m going to the gift shop.
  • Stop! Stop!

    Are you looking for presents?

    Will you buy any gifts?

  • I’ll buy one for you.
  • Then I’ll give you a lift.

So, where do we usually buy gifts? What are we going to peak about? Now, I’ll ask questions round the class.

  1. What kind of shopping do you know?
  2. Who is much shopper in your family and why?
  3. What hop do you pop into more and why?
  4. Why do many people plan their shopping trip ahead and write a shopping list?
  5. How often do you do the shopping in your family?
  6. Where does your family usually do the shopping?
  7. Do you enjoy going on a shopping trip?
  8. Do you help your mother to do the shopping?

 Основна частина уроку.

 II. Practicing.

  1. Explain the meaning of the words in English: shop assistant, customer, shopping list, department, corner shop.
  1. Match the sentences(1-8) with the names of the shops(a-h)

1) They sell fruit and   vegetables

2) You can’t buy shoes and bread

3) You can buy postcards, badges, copybooks and newspapers

4)Yesterday Mike bought some medicine, a bottle of shampoo and a tube of toothpaste

5)You can buy all you need

6)Yesterday my mum bought me a pair of new jeans

7)I’m going to buy new skates. Where do they sell them?

8)I need some rice, some flour and a bottle of oil.

Check your answers.

  1. at the newsagent’s.
  1. at the clothes shop.
  1. at the market.
  1. at the greengrocery.
  1. Then go to the grocery.
  1. in the same department.

    g)  at   the chemist’s.

    h) at the sport’s shop.

3. Grammar. Sometimes we have difficulties in using much or many; some or any. It’s time now to do a useful exercise in a test form.

Complete the sentences with the correct words from the chart given below.

1.Have you got  ___________  hamburgers?

2.  There ________________ cheese left today.

3.     We've got_____ .______________________ sausage in the fridge.

4.     My mum has bought a______________________ of white bread.

        5. My friend has paid for a_____________________ of orange juice.

6.     Have you got a bag of__________________________________ ?

7.     Is there_________________________________ meat on the table?

8.     Would you like a_________________________________ of cake?


А  some

В  any 

С  isn’t any 


А  isn’t any

В  aren’t any

С  aren’t some


А  any

В  not

С  some


А  box 

В  loaf

С  package


А  bottle

В  cone

С  slice


А  water

В  cake

С  flour


А  many

В  any

С  much


А  loaf

В  slice

С  bag













Swam your cards with your classmate and check yourselves your answers. T: Who has no mistakes? Who has one mistake?

  1. Listening. Listen to the text Mrs. Green or Mrs. Brown, mark true or false statements.

1. When Mrs. Green was 62 she went to live in a small town.

2. She usually went shopping to a big shop in a small village.

3. Every Sunday Mrs. Green did her shopping in a big supermarket in the nearest town.

4. She usually bought dairy products in this supermarket.

5. The shop assistant was unfriendly and impolite.

6. The shop assistant called her Mrs. Brown instead of Mrs. Green.

7. Mrs. Green explained the shop assistant that her last name was Green not Brown.

8. The shop assistant said that she was sorry.

9. But the following week the shop assistant called her Mrs. Brown again.

  1. Speaking.

Let’s have a talk about non-food shopping.

 Look at the screen and you can see the biggest stores in London.

 Do you know them? Name them.

There are lots of departments in these stores. What are they?

  1. Reading.

 The text “Sue goes shopping ”. Read the task attentively.

This is the letter. You must remember about opening and closing remarks. Read the letter and put the paragraphs in the correct order.

Dear Kathy,

On Saturday morning we are going to Oxford Street where there are the best shops in the country. I'd like to visit Selfridges, John Lewis, and Marks and Spencer — all these world famous department stores.

 Well, that's all for now. Write soon.  

   In the afternoon we'll have dinner in one of the cafes of Piccadilly, and after that we'll go on our shopping. My sister says we'll go to Knightsbridge to visit Harrods. It's a bit expensive, but it's nice to look at the latest fashion from the world's top designers.

How are you? As for me, I'm great! My sister is taking me to London this weekend
on a shopping trip, it's a kind of a birthday present to me from her. i hope to buy
some nice clothes, maybe a dress with a jacket.                

We are leaving London next morning — what a pity!

We are arriving in London on Saturday morning and are staying in a Tower Hotel which is not very far from the city centre.

In the evening my sister is taking me to Rock&Roll Cafe. She says there is tasty food and great music there.

 Love, Betty.

Check up. Read the first sentences of each paragraph.

Answer the questions.

  1. Who is writing the letter? 2. Where is Betty going this weekend?
  1. Who is she going with?
  2. Why is she going to London?  5.What shops is she going to visit?
  1.  Let’s have a rest and relax. Listen to the song, sing and follow the movements.
  2. Video. Listen to the dialogue and complete this shopping dialogue

with a suitable word or phrase.

ASSISTANT A: Can I help  you?

CUSTOMER : Yes, I’m ……………….  a blouse like this, but in blue.

ASSISTANT A: I see. And what …………….. are you?

CUSTOMER : Er, 12 usually.

ASSISTANT A: OK, I’ll just go and see if we’ve got any.


ASSISTANT B :  Can I help you?

CUSTOMER : No, it’s OK, I’m ……………. thanks.

ASSISTANT A: Here we are. The last one in stock.

CUSTOMER : Great. Can I try it on?

ASSISTANT A: Yes, of course. The ……………… is just over there. (pause)

                           How was it?

CUSTOMER : Yeah, fine. I’ll ………………. .

  1.  Speaking. Group work. Split into 4 groups. Each group gets one picture. Make up a mini-dialogue using the thing on the picture. Ex.3, p.149. [Л.В. Калініна, І.В. Самойлюкевич]
  1. Role-play a situation. Imagine a situation when you and your friend are invited to your classmate to the birthday party. You have to choose a present. Talk about the way you chose a present for your friend. Use the pattern Ex.1, p.150. [Л.В. Калініна, І.В. Самойлюкевич] (The dialogue was prepared at home).

III. Homework. Write a letter to your pen-pal under such title “Once I went shopping”.

IV. Summarizing.

You have done a lot of useful activities. All of you were active and have good marks. Thank you for the work

Всім привіт!
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